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My name is Brigitta Pavlovic and I have been a tour guide in Vienna for over 25 years by now.

Where can I guide you?

I mainly do tours in Vienna, but I also guide groups or individual travellers around the area of Vienna, especially as day-trips.

In Austria, one has to take an exam to be able to guide guests in and around Vienna and with it I got permission to show you all the beautiful castles, convents, churches and everything else you might be interested in. So you will not need to get another guide for those places.

Especially in Schönbrunn castle and the museums in Vienna I frequently show guests from all over the world the little treasures one can find there. In Schönbrunn for example guides can put in a reservation for a tour via internet, so that if I plan a tour to this wonderful castle, you will not have to wait for your entry.

What are the tours like?

Of course, the length and the route of a tour depends all on your wishes. Normally, on the first day of their visit in Vienna, we like to show our guests the major sights by bus in a trip around the Ring, as if you follow the Ring you will circle the inner city and see the Oper (opera house), the museum, the Hofburg, the Burgtheater, the Rathaus (city hall), the University, the Votivchurch and many places, parks and monuments. Then we often like to go by the more modern Vienna, along the Danube river and sometimes stop at the famous Hundertwasserhaus. In case there is still time left, we also like to go by the Belvedere and let our guests have a look at Prinz Eugens beautiful castle.

If you would like to get to know the inner city, I would recommend a walk with me. Those walks are limited to 25-30 persons and if your group is bigger than that, we should split it in two and set off with two guides. Walking in the inner city, you will see St. Stephans Cathedral, the Kärtnerstraße and many wonderful old houses and places. We also come by the Hofburg again, which looks much more impressive on foot than driving by in a bus. There are lots of sights which you will probably want to go inside of, like St. Stephans, the Hofburg, the Opera, the Kapuzinergruft, the Spanish Riding School (do not forget to find out if the horses are actually there, if you decide to go there!), ... So we will have to plan that all in.

How long does a tour take?

Generally, a tour lasts 3 hours and so we do morning or afternoon tours. We also offer to accompany our guests at night to show them Vienna with the lights on on foot or by bus.

You will find the prices for tours on the website of the Lower Austrian Tour Guides.

How can you reach me?

Email Email: gitta@pavlovic.at
Phone Fax Telephone + Fax: +43-1-706 28 45
MailboxMail: Liesingtalstraße 21, A-2324 Rannersdorf
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